March of Knowledge Patch Notes



• New Hostile Territory has been added: Magnican Lakes.
• Added Photomode - a system that allows players to pause the game to take screenshots. By pressing the End button, you will be able to move the camera around your character. It will also “pause” the game at any moment: in the middle of a fight, when riding a mount or falling from a height. The character will continue to perform actions (be attacked by monsters, move forward or fall down), but as long as photomode is active, the picture will not change.
• Added visions of legendary rings to the Market. It is a special item that allows you to obtain a legendary ring.
• Enemies and bags no longer drop the “Loot” item. The profit in credits from these sources is increased in proportion to the profit you would have made if you sold the Loot.
• The divine spark limits are now tied to specific armies. When you gain a certain number of sparks from the avatar of an army, you will no longer be able to receive them from this avatar until the next time it arrives. New limits are added with each new invasions (divine sparks for the first time you complete an invasion adventure are not counted towards the limits) on condition that the invasion is led by the avatar. Once the invasion is over, the limits are no longer reset. All limits for previous invasions are set automatically. For example, if you have never killed the Integrator, your divine spark limit will be 800 when you log in.
• Removed Myrrh Drops from the game. Upgrading obelisks now requires Victor’s Medals. You will also receive Victor’s Medals when adding funds to the Pantheon account.
• Exchanged Myrrh Drops for Victor’s Medals at the rate 2 Medals for 1 Drop.
• Activating divine form will automatically complete all optional tasks in Squad and Group adventures with creatures of the current invasion.
• Enabled the penalty system for passive behaviour in Battles and for leaving them early: If a player “sabotages” battles on a regular basis, they will stop receiving rewards for completed Battles unless they complete a few active Battles without leaving them early.
• Added PvP trophies. PvP trophies are essentially the same as ordinary trophies, but the bonuses they provide work only in Battles against other immortals. These bonuses include:
o Damage dealt is increased.
o Damage to shields is increased.
o Damage to stunned targets is increased.
o Incoming damage is reduced.

• PvP trophy fragments are obtained by participating in Rated 5x5 battles. At the end of a stage, all team members will receive a bag of equipment. The number and quality of fragments depend on the rank gained by the team.
• Added the Laboratory tab: Changed the system for researching resistance and accessing invasion adventures. Expanded the atlases of invasion armies. You can read about it in our Laboratory Preview.
• Added a new item: Research Grant. It is a consumable that allows you to receive more knowledge for research in the Laboratory.
• Increased bonuses for all trophies of armies.
• Increased the maximum damage of Crushing Blow from 25% to 30%.

Pantheon Wars

• Added Hyperion Modules: Commanders can pick up to 3 modules (out of 9) which will be sent into orbit if their Pantheon wins the tournament. Each selected module increases the amount of Primary Energy gained (points that are used to determine the winner in the Space Program) by 5%. Commanders will be able to change their choice in the future.
• Space Program technologies are now available: Resources required for researching them can be earned by all players in all adventures for Pantheons. The technologies affect the amount of Primary Energy gained by the Pantheon and can be researched even if your Pantheon does not control any territories. This allows all game communities to join the Space Program and, at the very minimum, win participation rewards. IMPORTANT: Once a technology is chosen, it is irreversible.
• Added an interface for the Pantheon rating based on the accumulated Primary Energy. It will be updated once every 24 hours.
• Updated the tabs of the Pantheon interface.
• As a reward for a successful attack on a temple during the Pantheon Wars, the attacking Pantheon receives Primary Energy in the amount proportionate to the defender’s position in the league.


• Added the “Urgent Call” system.
• It is now possible to change the rewards in Invasion Adventures using Variatrons.
• You can no longer obtain Eidos’ as a reward for defeating monsters in adventures with avatars.
• Once the research limit for an army is reached, players will receive Energy Modules for researching Eidoses. This research cannot be accelerated.


Screening Field Generator
• Improved the map for the Screening Field Generator adventure.
• Hammer Tanks had their shooting range and defense against groups of Oculats increased.
• The pause between waves of monsters will no longer exceed 12 seconds (15 seconds for special troops).
• Removed the emission of the field generator that applies a negative effect to the group once a minute. There are now small Mechanoid emitters on the map with electric fields that are activated if there are players nearby.
• If the whole party dies, the adventure is no longer completed automatically with the D rating. You can resurrect and continue the fight.
• Weakened the last two waves that come from both sides at the same time. They have less antitank Oculats now, and there are two common Scissors accompanying the elite Rethiariuses instead of reinforced ones.
• Generator activation cost has been slightly increased, but it can still be interrupted by damage or control.

• Added a full-screen map of the adventure.
• Fixed the error where the spark reliquary was not given for the first time the adventure was completed.

Mechanoid Waves
• Improved the map of the area.

Reapers of Death

• Disabled the Plague Carriers task in Darnic Village.

Dark Ritual
• Changed the appearance of Asmodeus.


• Changed the mechanics of Lianas for the optional task. They now capture a character for 20 seconds instead of 120, and their damage is increased 5 times. When the group exits combat, Lianas will disappear after a few seconds.


• There is now a quorum when a vote on changing the emblem is initiated: if not enough commanders have voted, the result of the vote is “no changes”.
• The first level of ether projector now provides 5 energy modules daily to all pantheon members that meet the requirements.
• Construction resources received for Adept missions are now given as an item that can be activated from within the Bag. If the mission fails, construction resources will not be added.

Pantheon Wars

• The minimum bid in the auction for the Silver League Pantheons is reduced from 800,000 to 100,000 credits.
• Tessa’s Sparks have been renamed to Primary Energy.
• Primary Energy is now added for successful attacks on Naire Temple during the Pantheon Wars. The amount depends on the temple’s position in the league (from 75,000 to 22,500). Each subsequent Pantheon War in the season brings 100% more Primary Energy.
• Added a timer for incomplete teams. If there are less than 5 players in the team, a timer is activated (available in the team interface). If there are still less than 5 when the time is out, the team is no longer listed in the Pantheon rankings. Once the team is full, it will appear in the rankings again.
• The restriction on joining a new team has been reduced from 7 to 3 days.
• Disabled the ability to heal ether resonators and apply shields to them.
• You can no longer reset Weariness by changing groups.


• For best performance, a simpler effect visualization will be used for all classes during Battles.
• In the Ring of Immortals and Alcedon Facility arenas, you can now ride on a mount from the resurrection point.
• Changed the card for Lugran Research Base.
• The Equipment for Kills quest can now be completed in the Lugran Research Base Battle.

Alcedon Facility

• The blast radius of projectiles is increased from 4 to 6 yards.
• The projectile now travels 1.5 seconds instead of 2.5.
• The cannon inflicts 50% more damage.


God of Travels

• Changed the amount of health added when using a finishing ability.

God of Authority

• Changed the name and description for weekly quests for obtaining faith.


• Added a new storyline quest: Students’ Fates. You must complete the Ritual Victim quest first.
• Added a new storyline quest: Forced Respite.
• Added a new storyline quest: Primary Evidence.
• Added new locations for the Divine Challenge (quest for 100 Faith).


• Bonus to stats from influence is now displayed in the Provinces tab.

Ascension Atlas

• Expanded the Mechanoid Atlas.
• Expanded the Phytonide Atlas.



• Energy Shower now only affects group members (regardless of group size).


• Vehemence has been replaced with Pure Power.
• The effect of Vehemence has been added to the Battle Fury talent.
Pure Power Talent
Pure Power talent description:
• Gladiator inflicts twice as much damage to bosses and elite monsters;
• When Thirst for Battle is active, damage to shields is increased 10 times (the effect is multiplied by the Shield Destroyer effect that increases damage to shields from Fracture or Crushing Throw 40 times when Thirst for Battle is active);
• Bonus to damage from Thirst for Battle is increased to 60% (instead of 40%);
• The effects of support classes that boost stats no longer affect the Berserker, and when Thirst for Battle is active, any positive effects of support classes also stop working on the Berserker;
• This talent does not work in PvP areas.


• Reduced the visual effect duration for Plasma Beam


• Fixed the description for Lightbinder’s Golden Sphere.
• Fixed the description for Lightbinder’s Quasar Stabilization talent.
• The Lightbinder can no longer use Flood of Light on themselves.


• Fixed a typo in the description of the Necromancer’s Lich ability.


• Fixed visual errors caused by Radiant Aspect.


• The Witch now turns to the target when using Bewitch.
• The explosion of the shield applied by Volatile Curse now inflicts from 150% to 500% of absorbed damage (instead of 120%). But the ability is no longer affected by damage boosting effects.
• In adventures for 10 players, Volatile Curse now absorbs more damage - it is now harder to destroy it and it inflicts more damage. The amount of damage absorbed (and the resulting damage) now depend on the Witch’s Shield Power.
• Volatile Curse cooldown is shared by all Witches in the group.


• Fixed a bug where Reinforced Shields provided the same bonus at all levels of the symbol.
• Fixed a bug where Corrosive Coating in combination with Lacerated Wound, and Blind Rage in combination with Deep Dissection, would inflict reduced damage.


• Changed the cards for adventures: Syblian Heights, Thorneus’s Camp, Donholk Glacier, Tarlen Aquifer, Fort Darlek.
• Updated the loading screen for the Ignum Monastery adventure.

Nerion’s Castle

• Changed the color of the monsters.

Optional Tasks

Unstable Emanations
• You can now collect the emanation without pressing the Space bar.
• The monsters may drop more than one emanation at a time.
Study your Opponent
• The camera will appear without delay.
Death to Spies
• Oculat Spies now spawn faster.
Finishing Strikes
• The required number has been reduced from 10 to 5.
Lurking Death
• If you are engaged in a fight against several troops of monsters, it may cause two Wardens of Death to spawn.


Operation Medea

• Characters in the Divine form no longer get stuck in the roots.
• Changed Rethiarius Phoenix:
o The boss is no longer immune to characters’ attacks but it has twice as much health now;
o Reduced the health of its components and of the Enhanced Scissor Trooper.
o The Rethiarius no longer uses the Energy Cage ability.
o On the Attack difficulty, the boss has no stage where all four batteries are activated at the same time; on the Storm difficulty, the boss uses only Billiards and Racer in this stage.


Operation Isabella

• Added pointers to the minimap indicating the location of monsters.


• Added a Disassemble Mode. The disassemble mode allows you to disassemble an item by clicking its icon and includes the following parameters:
o Normal: Items are disassembled into stones or trophy fragments.
o Celestial Threads: Items are disassembled into Celestial Threads.

• Added an option that will allow you to add more players to the group manually. The player can now decide who can join them in their adventure.
• You may now change the order group members appear on the member list. This ability will be useful to players that play support classes: they can decide which characters will be targeted when they press F2 or F3. Note that each group member can set it up individually.
* You can now disassemble items one after another without delay.
• While the vote on changing the Pantheon emblem is active, the Save button will not be available.
• When you upgrade a node in the Atlas, the number of remaining Ether Cores in your bag changes dynamically.
• An invitation to join an Adventure can now be accepted by pressing Enter.
• The pop-up windows will no longer go beyond the lower part of the screen.
• In the descriptions for consumables, there is now a line “Available” which shows how many items of this type are remaining in the player’s bag.
• Changed the marker for rings that can be obtained from ring sets.
• Synchronized the amount of Tactical Sense in the amplifier interface and in the stats list.
• When attempting to leave a battle, players must now confirm that they wish to do so.
• The Valuables tab is no longer displayed in the bag.
• Added animation for the Invitation to the Adventure window.
• The Pantheon Stronghold page now displays the number of Victor’s Medals.
• The Pantheon Talents screen can now be opened through the Stronghold tab.
• The battle statistics screen now displays the skills used by the enemy and the amount of damage dealt to your character and other characters in your group.
• Added an indicator for Secret Knowledge to the Divine Atlas interface.
• The target’s health and active shields’ durability are now displayed using bars. The amount of health in one bar depends on your character’s health.
• You can no longer invite a character to an adventure if they are in a queue for other activity.
• Added animation for combining enhancement stones.
• Added information to the description of the Survivor Token and Veteran’s Medal that they can only be used once.
• Ignored characters can no longer invite the player to a group.
• Changed the appearance of full-screen notifications.
• There is now a three-second delay before you can send an invitation to join your Pantheon to the same character again.


• Changed the design of tabs on the Pantheon page.
• Personal PvP ranking now displays 25 characters per page.


• Improved the materials of the Phytomorph Costume.
• Added sounds for some objects in Roqul Valley.
• Might Efficiency and Solidity stat values for epic quality weapons now scale with the required Proficiency value.
• Removed ether barriers from the game.
• When completing a promo adventure on the Very Easy difficulty, players now receive a reward.
• Improved the lighting in the Diamond Hall.
• Added a new stat: Astral Resistance, which can be researched after the invasion of the new army has begun.
• Daily bonuses that provide consumables for Adept missions are now given only to characters that are in a Pantheon.
• Accurate Blueprints can now be sold in the Market.

Bug Fixes


• Fixed the description for ether projector.
• Fixed the issue where characters that met the requirements would not receive energy modules.

Pantheon Wars


• Attack – Fixed the bug where a character in their Divine Form could travel to another room.
• Fixed a bug where, if two teams had the same amount of points, the first place in the PvE rating was given to the team that had completed one of the rating adventures first.


• There will no longer be a situation where players remaining in battle would sometimes get a negative bonus to rating if the enemy team retreated.


God of Knowledge

• Fixed a bug where the God of Knowledge’s Might of Other Worlds symbol was not working.
• Understanding of Essence and Understanding of Energy now work correctly.

God of War

• Consumed by Wrath talent: Fixed the amount of health restored by the talent for normal and divine forms.
• Fixed the God of War’s Mutual Annihilation talent. It now displays the correct amount of damage.

God of Defense

• Fixed the God of Defense’s Last Barrier talent. It now returns the correct amount of damage.

God of Authority

• Fixed the description for the following talents of the God of Authority: Luminous, Chief, Commander, Battleseeker. It has been made clear that reduced Faith consumption is only pertaining to the God of Authority themselves.
• The God of Authority’s Lord talent now correctly increases the damage of their allies.

God of Travels

• Fixed a bug where a God of Travels would receive 100 Faith when their Divine Form was deactivated upon joining a group.
• A God of Travels that activates a resonator in the Hostile Territories on their own will no longer receive a message that it will be deactivated in 15 seconds.


• Fixed the issue where an available consumable would be marked as unavailable.
• Fixed a few small bugs related to the full-screen chat.
• The cost of upgrading nodes in the Atlas is displayed correctly.
• Fixed a bug where the health bars of group members were duplicated in the group interface.
• Fixed a bug where one of the nodes displayed an incorrect cost in the Mechanoid atlas. It now costs 475 sparks instead of 0.
• Fixed the indicators of “floating” damage numbers if the attacker has Defense Penetration and the defender has Battle Defense.
• Fixed a bug that caused the quest list to disappear during PvP.
• Fixed the typo in the description for the Focus of Faith item. It now displays the correct amount of Faith received for it.
• Fixed the description for the Research Grant item.
• Fixed the description for Ring of Destruction, Bloodied Signet, Shimmering Ring, and Mark of Dark Reflections. They now display the correct bonus.
• Fixed a bug that caused the animation to get stuck when a new item was added to the bag.


• Fixed a bug where the NPC Tourist required for the Private Detective quest would not appear.
• Fixed a bug where the game could freeze after player’s conversation with Metarchus during the Private Detective quest.
• Fixed a bug where in one of the stages of the Wardens story quest the Templars could not be attacked.


Lanber Catacombs

• Hespar’s attack animations are now properly displayed until the end of the animation.

Factory 501

• Fixed a bug where the terminal that activates the bridge would become inactive and cause the bridge to be unable to extend.

Donholk Glacier

• Fixed a bug where you could kill Sashiel before receiving a corresponding quest.


• Fixed the issue where a character with high Prestige would not receive tokens of the army for defeating the avatar of the invasion.

Urgent calls

• Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented players from completing the Destroy the Bombs task.
• Fixed a bug with Urgent Calls being unavailable during a Golden Age.


• Fixed a bug where players would sometimes have trouble completing the Prototype task at the Palon Prototype Plant.
Screening Field Generator
• Fixed the bug where, after fighting the Hammer Tank, the Mechanoids moved with increased speed towards the generator and did not react to damage.

Repears of Death

Reaper of Death Ship
• Fixed the issue where some monsters would have more health than had been planned.
• All adventures now provide the correct amount of rewards.
• Fixed a bug where the X3 promo for tokens of invading armies would be applied to other adventure 20 minutes before the next situation update.


Dangerous Greenhouse: Malicenia (Rated)

• Fixed the ferocious triffids that spawn after the boss drops a divine spark:
o The triffids have less health now.
o They start attacking after some time, and their damage is significantly reduced.
o Reduced the number of triffids that spawn.


• Fixed a bug where Hunter Costume would have two identical color options.
• Fixed a bug where you could invite more people than was allowed to group adventures and raids.
• Fixed a bug where players were unable to complete the Hot Pursuit quest.
• Fixed a bug where spark replicators would work incorrectly for Premium users if they received large quantities of sparks. They received twice as many sparks, whereas less replicators should have been consumed.
• Characters’ tattoos no longer disappear when you zoom out.
• Fixed a bug where the character would sometimes turn towards the enemy after it was defeated.
• Fixed a bug where a character that logged out of the game in the Sontereus Archipelago would find themselves in the Divine Observatory the next time they logged in.
• Fixed the description for consumables required for Adept missions.
• Fixed one of the issues that caused disconnects.