New Horizons: Class Symbols

Complete storyline quests on Terra to unlock three unique symbols for each class. They will let you unlock new abilities or passive bonuses. You can use them both in PvE and PvP adventures, but only one at a time.

Content Table

Alchemist - Archer - Berserker - Cryomancer - Grovewalker - Gunner - Kinetic - Knight - Lightbinder
Monk - Necromancer - Outlaw - Paladin - Revenant - Slayer - Soundweaver - Witch/Warlock


Ability Description
1 Dangerous Conversion The maximum number of the Acidic Solution or Combustible Solution effects on a target is increased to 6. Predatory Ectoplasm increases the number of existing solution effects on the target by 2. If there are no effects on the target, it applies 2 stacks of Acidic Solution.
2 Unstable Compound The Alchemist loses 25 points of Catalyst every second, instead gaining the following bonuses depending on the amount they have: 1,000 points of Catalyst - reduces the cooldown of Protective Shell. 2,000 points of Catalyst - a 25% chance to recover a spent companion charge. 3,000 points of Catalyst - passively restores 2% of health per second.
3 Burning Plasma Predatory Ectoplasm deals area damage. Every sixth Ectoplasm grants the Experimental Compound effect to the Alchemist.


Ability Description
4 Perfect Shooting Each Aimed Shot has a 25% chance to become Perfect, dealing damage and refreshing the Burning effect on the target. The chance is increased by 25% with every Aimed Shot.
5 No Retreat Energy Barrier remains active if the Archer is in a siege stance within it. Every Burning Shot deals 10% more damage and reduces the cooldown of the ultimate ability by 7.5 seconds.
6 Bottomless Quiver Every Electric Rapid Fire reduces the cooldown of Electric Barrier by 10 seconds, and every Ultimate Concentration activated by Burning Rapid Fire - by 5 seconds. Once they leave Electric Barrier, the Archer is affected by its positive effects for 3 more seconds.


Ability Description
7 Rage Incarnate The less Rage the Berserker has at the moment of transformation into a Gladiator, the more damage they will deal in that form (the maximum bonus is 150% of damage). Every Gladiator Attack restores 50 points of Rage.
8 Thrill of Victory The first Destructive Attack in a fight will make enemies 30% more vulnerable to damage from the Berserker’s attacks and reduce their movement speed by 50% for 5 seconds.
9 Madman’s Lot Every Fracture, if it consumes energy, will reduce the cooldown of Firestorm by 10 seconds. When the ability is active, the Berserker recovers 1% of health per second for every common enemy hit and 2.5% for every elite enemy or immortal. You can recover up to 5% of health per second.


Ability Description
10 Icy Storm Every 2 seconds, a random enemy within Whiteout gets hit by a free Icy Comet. When it appears, the Icy Meteor effect is not activated.
11 Icy Cover When inside their own or an allied Whiteout, the Cryomancer gains the Crystal Shield effect. If Crystal Shield has already been used, its duration is not reduced as long as the Cryomancer stays within the Whiteout.
12 Herald of Storm Your companion’s attacks apply Intense Cooling and reduce the cooldown of Jagged Ice and Stasis by 2 seconds.


Ability Description
13 Forest Warden Rapid Growth restores energy 2 times faster and has a 30% chance to be activated after every Reverse Living Armor used when fighting monsters. Shield of Thorns and Touch of Life no longer consume energy.
14 Wild Forest Being close to Diocinias increases the Grovewalker’s Defense by 15% and reduces the cooldown of their class abilities.
15 Tessa’s Song When the Grovewalker accumulates the maximum amount of energy, they can activate Tessa’s Song between the Tessa’s Call and Tessa’s Wrath attacks. Tessa’s Song consumes all the accumulated energy, extends the lifespan of Diocinias by 8 seconds and makes them stronger. Boosted flowers deal extra damage with every attack and restore 2% of the Grovewalker’s maximum health.


Ability Description
16 Heavy Armament Hitting enemies with missiles reduces the cooldown of Accelerated Heat Exchange and Contusion Shells by 1.5 seconds.
17 Planetary Bombardment Accelerated Heat Exchange and Contusion Shells are replaced with Planetary Bombardment when Missile Launcher is activated. The Gunner targets an area where a random enemy is hit by one of the rockets that deal damage in an area. Up to 8 rockets appear in the area over 10 seconds.
18 Energy Redistribution Spending Heat Energy reduces the cooldown of the next Heat Barrier and increases its durability on the next use. When 600 points of Heat Energy are consumed, the maximum bonus provides an extra 30% of barrier durability and reduces its cooldown by 18 seconds.


Ability Description
19 Resonance Critical damage dealt by Kinetic's class abilities applies the Resonance effect to all affected enemies for 5 seconds. It deals damage over time to the target within the Gravity Anomaly or in a 10-yard radius of the Kinetic. If the Resonance effect deals the damage, it fades 50% slower.
20 Warped Ground A gravity trap appears at the Stone Projectile or Stone Spear hit site 12 seconds later. The activation time reduces 3 times faster per each enemy within the range. The trap activates immediately if hit with the Stone Projectile or Stone Spear. The activated trap inflicts damage and stuns all targets for 2 seconds.
21 Echo "Consuming levels of Kinetic Charge grants you the Echo effect. While the Echo effect is active, your Ether Explosion will make you invulnerable. It acquires additional properties depending on the number of levels: 8 levels: stuns the targets for 3 seconds, 16 levels: increases damage by 50%, 24 levels: creates the Gravity Anomaly.


Ability Description
22 Divine Punisher Using Falcon Attack will make the next use of the ability free and increase its damage by 200%. Attack with a charged spear after a boosted Falcon Attack will reduce the cooldown of Whiplash by 10 seconds.
23 Hidden Anger Tantrum is recharged 50% faster if the Knight is surrounded by 3 and more enemies.
24 Mighty Onslaught A long run-up during Battering Ram increases damage from the impact and extends the stun duration if companion’s attack has been activated.


Ability Description
25 Blinding Light Boosted by Triumph of Light, Particle of Light disorients affected enemies for 3 seconds and increases the chance to deal critical damage to them by 20% for you and your allies. The Triumph of Light effect is always activated at the start of combat.
26 Patronage of Light The Lightbinder’s support aura boosts healing from all sources by 20% for the Lightbinder and their allies. Sparks of Anger has a chance to knock a Healing Orb out of the enemy, and that chance is increased with every use.
27 Wrath of the Sun Unstable Shield is replaced with Wrath of the Sun. The ability knocks enemies away from the Lightbinder, dealing damage to them. After landing, the affected enemies will be stunned for 1.5 seconds and will have a slowing effect applied to them which grows weaker over time.


Ability Description
28 Will of Fire Burning Staff creates a burning area on the ground if at least one character or a strong monster has been hit. As long as the Monk is on the burning ground, it deals 2 times more damage.
29 Glorious Fight If the Monk does not switch targets for 20 seconds, their damage to this target and defense against the target’s attacks are increased by 30% if they are attacking a monster and by 15% if the target is a character. The effect is removed if the Monk does not attack for 10 seconds.
30 Elemental Control If the Monk’s stance effect is removed by combo attacks, the Monk has a 20% chance to refresh it.


Ability Description
31 Ancient Burial The recovery rate of Ghostly Flow is increased by 2% for each percent of the Necromancer’s health they are missing. Skull Throw reduces the cooldown of Ghostly Flow by 5 seconds, and by 10 seconds if it has been boosted by Toothy Grin.
32 Will of the Dead Allows you to revive a fallen ally with 40% of health for 20 seconds once every 3 minutes. The revived ally deals 25% more damage and is immune to control effects. The ability can be used on a fallen ally only once every 10 seconds.
33 Dark Magic Plague Storm and summoned allies deal 50% more damage to targets on the Cursed Land.


Ability Description
34 Grenadier The Firecracker effect does not end during combat and can stack up to 3 times. Using an improved Dancing Grenade reduces the cooldown of the next improved Dancing Grenade by 3 seconds. All Firecracker effects are terminated out of combat.
35 Explosive Shells When used after a dash, the next four Volley Fire shots apply an improved slowing effect and deal extra damage that is increased by 500% when used against shields. You can boost up to 8 shots.
36 Dance with Guns During Lead Carousel, every series of shots increases your chance to deal critical damage with this ability by 2%.


Ability Description
37 Anathema Punishing Bolt deals extra damage if the target has no allies in a 8 yard radius. A target affected by Punishing Bolt deals 30% less damage to the Paladin for 4 seconds.
38 Heart of Battle Every immortal within 20 yards of the Paladin grants them 5 charges of Heart of Battle, elite enemies - 10 charges, and the rest provide 2 charges. Depending on the number of accumulated charges, the Paladin gains the following bonuses: Heart of Battle (10) - incoming damage is reduced by 15%, Battle Fury (20) - extra 20% of damage from class abilities on the Holy Ground. Battle Incarnate (30) - reduces the cooldown of Radiant Aspect. Only creatures in combat grant charges.
39 Unflinching Guard On the Holy Ground, damage that hits the Paladin’s Aegis of Light is converted to their health. Punishment performed on the Holy Ground extends its duration by 10 seconds.


Ability Description
40 Tragedy Extends the duration of Death’s Steward by 2 seconds every time an enemy dies in the deadly aura’s area of effect or if they do not leave it for 6 seconds. The ultimate ability can be extended by up to 6 seconds.
41 Hymn of Death For every dead ally within 40 yards, damage from the Revenant’s class abilities is increased by 5% and their defense - by 2.5%.
42 Show of Strength After moving to the Gloomy Shadow’s position, the Revenant will create a rift in the ground with their next strike that exists 8 seconds. Inside the rift, enemies take damage every second.


Ability Description
43 Deadly Flourish In combat, the Slayer gains a Deadly Flourish charge for 30 seconds after every kill or once every 5 seconds after every attack with a class ability. The next attack for every Deadly Flourish charge deals extra damage and reduces the cooldown of Flurry of Blows by 1 second. The maximum number of Deadly Flourish charges is 20.
44 Twilight Shackles Allows you to use Twilight Shackles from a cloaking mode. The Slayer binds the target with chains for 8 seconds, reducing their movement speed by 30% and reducing their dash distance. The shackled target takes 20% more damage from other class abilities of the Slayer. If a target of the ability moves more than 10 yards away from the spot where the shackles appear, the effect will be removed, but they will take damage.
45 Shadow Cover Every second in a cloaking mode restores 4% of your maximum health. After exiting invisibility, the Slayer takes 30% less damage and moves 30% faster for 5 seconds.


Ability Description
46 Acoustic Resonance Activating a new rhythm within 12 seconds of the last one will reduce the cooldown of the ultimate ability by 6 seconds. The effect works only in combat.
47 Striking Opening Summoned amplifier stuns targets for 2.5 seconds where it lands, pulling them towards it and dealing damage in the area while also restoring 10 points of energy to the Soundweaver if it hits at least one target.
48 Hymn of Swiftness Activating any rhythm removes control effects from the Soundweaver for 6 seconds and grants immunity to them. It also increases movement speed by 30% and protects against 30% of incoming damage.


Ability Description
49 Sabbat If Dark Ritual is fully cast, the {Warlock/Witch} gains 15 effects of Sabbath and 3 more effects for every 90 points of Sorcery missing at the time the ability is activated. Each effect increases damage from the Warlock/Witch’s class abilities by 1% for 12 seconds.
50 Dark Envoys In combat, the {Warlock/Witch} gains the Dark Envoys effect once every 10 seconds and after every Explosion of Darkness or Extermination. For every Dark Envoys effect, Aging summons a bloodthirsty crow that deals damage. Targets affected by control effects take 20% more damage from Dark Envoys.The maximum number of crows is 6.
51 Feathers of Darkness Every created and spread effect of Taint reduces the cooldown of your ultimate ability by 2 seconds.