The Aelinet Report: Skyforge Bulletin #2

Hear ye, Hear ye! It’s time for our second biweekly Skyforge Bulletin – here to keep you up-to-date with current affairs by providing a brief breakdown of all the latest Skyforge highlights and shenanigans. Enjoy!

The Community Report

It is always a pleasure to announce even more ‘first kills’, this time involving the mechanoid base – Secret Oculat. A round of applause goes out to Excessum (EU) and Exile (NA) for their impressive feat, smashing their way through before all other competition. That isn’t to say we shouldn’t give a digital pat on the back to Filbustiers De Nezeb & Nobody Cares (EU), or Original Sin & Legion of Archangel (NA) for a very respectable second and third place clear. A huge salute to all of you for raising the immortal bar and being the first responders to some of the biggest threats Aelion has ever known.


The Political Report

Latest News & Updates:

  • Skyforge: PlayStation 4 Release: Skyforge is now fully released on PS4, so grab your controller and enjoy godlike power at your very fingertips – literally!
  • Update “New Moon Order” is Live: Grab your gravity boots and prepare to explore Thea, Aelion’s own moon. Are you ready to duck and weave through meteor showers, chart unknown territory and encounter new species?

Thea Contests: If moonwalking wasn’t enough, we’ve got plenty of competitions heading your way in celebration of New Moon Order, all rocking great prizes that are too good to miss – check them out!

Pack Sales: As always, there are many great deals and exclusive items on offer, so don’t miss out on our latest pack sale!


To all of Aelion’s defenders, regardless of whether you are rocking a keyboard or controller, we salute you. Stay tuned for more bulletin updates and have fun in-game!

-The Skyforge Team