The Aelinet Report: Skyforge Bulletin #6

Hear ye, hear ye! Time for our sixth Skyforge Bulletin – keeping you up-to-date with current affairs by breaking down all of the latest Skyforge shenanigans for your reading pleasure – enjoy!

The Community Report

Up for winning glorious rewards in return for completing custom quests? Then don’t forget to check out the July Challenge – active now! In addition, Skyforge is having celebrations for its latest birthday (in-game and out), so be sure to grab your daily login rewards and don’t forget to check out our Skyforge Anniversary Trivia Contest for even more prizes and gifts simply for showing off your knowledge of Aelion.

However, it’s not all fun and games – there is work to be done, monsters to slay and invasions to divert! On that note, we must give a huge applause to our latest batch of E1-E2 ‘first-kills’ (EU & NA) in the defence of Aelion, so please join us in saluting Misfits (1st E1-E2), Legion of Archangels (1st E1) and Exiles (1st E2 & 3rd E1) for their speedy successes, as well as Excessum (2nd E1-E2), Elysium (2nd E1 & 3rd E2), Original Sin (2nd E2) and Nobody Cares (3rd E1-E2). Thank you all for being the first to the front-line during our time of need.

The Political Report

Latest News & Updates:

  • July Monthly Challenge – Give those Gorgonides what for and earn yourself fantastic rewards as part of our latest challenge!
  • First Look: Elder God – Take a sneak-peek into the storied past of Aeli and his transformation into an elder god.
  • Gorgonide Invasion Week 5 – The Gorgonide army is invading Aelion for 4 weeks now. Immortals are called to fight in the new distortion, opening on July 20th. Stand united!

As always, we salute all of Aelion’s valiant defenders and Pantheon War combatants, wishing you good fortune in your upcoming adventures and battles. Don’t forget to stay tuned for more bulletin updates down the road and have fun in-game!

-The Skyforge Team