The Aelinet Report: Skyforge Bulletin #5

Hear ye, hear ye! Time for our fifth Skyforge Bulletin – keeping you up-to-date with current affairs by breaking down all of the latest Skyforge shenanigans for your reading pleasure – enjoy!

The Community Report

After your victorious repelling of the Mechanoids in their latest attempt to enslave Aelion, new threats have emerged hoping to capitalize on the chaos they left in their wake. This latest attack by the Gorgonides has ripped open a new space-distortion that must be explored and neutralized for the good of all. With the “Return of The Serpent Queen” update now live, the political and community landscape may very well change thanks to looming alien threats and a reworked Pantheon War system that shall test the mettle of all Immortals who dare enter themselves into Season 3.

In addition, a huge salute goes out to the winners of the Fan-Art Contest, with fantastic entries from Shay Deplorable, Maleki Markeis, Delphine Lette and Mortius Black taking the top-4 winning slots, earning themselves a bucket full of in-game goodies to enjoy however they please.

Are you ready to face old foes in new territories, or fight your fellow Immortals against a backdrop of a new Pantheon War system? Time will tell!

The Political Report

Latest News & Updates:

  • Monthly Challenge: Victory – Thanks to you, both Thea and the Wasteland has been cleansed of various deadly threats via the Monthly Challenge.
  • Fan Art Contest Winners – We challenged everyone in the community to showcase their creativity through Skyforge Fan-Art for a chance of delicious prizes – check out all the results!
  • Pantheon Wars: Season 3 – A brand-new season has begun, using the Pantheon Wars system revamp. Prepare for war, Immortals!
  • The Gorgonides Return – With the mechanoids defeated, we call upon you to repel the next invasion – one which has carved open a new distortion for Immortals to conquer.

In light of the new update, we salute all of Aelion’s valiant defenders and Pantheon War combatants, wishing you good fortune in your upcoming adventures. Don’t forget to stay tuned for more bulletin updates down the road and have fun in-game!

-The Skyforge Team