Ascension: Pre-Patch arrives soon

Skyforge will make a big step towards Ascension tomorrow. This is the start of the road to that game that we all dream about, both players and developers alike. For many months we have worked hard, inventing, discussing, creating and reworking all the systems that you can see today. We have had to review many approaches, hold difficult discussions and create several prototypes to reach a unanimous opinion on what the first step in the Ascension would be.

Skyforge’s key currencies are now your own actions – choose what adventures to go on, based on what you want to enhance. Might? Earn new equipment from Squads, Groups, or Distortions. How about a new Symbol? Take a quest in the required stronghold. Maybe you’re a bit lacking on resistances against the invading armies? Stop by Flavius’s Laboratory for assistance. Even if you fall behind other players in terms of development, the directive system will enable you to catch up quickly, increasing the volume of rewards you receive.!

New Content

  • Two brand new Divine Specialisations: God of Machines and God of Magic
  • New Pantheon System with easier management and more features to unlock
  • A wide range of activities for everyone. Something that is interesting for newcomers and experienced players! Getting rid of the currency limits system.
  • Simplifying unnecessarily complex and poorly operating mechanics.
  • Improving the combat system.
  • Significantly reducing the amount of currencies.
  • Introduction of a game campaign, helping newcomers learn about all types of game content.
  • Cutting the time players spend redistributing resources right down.
  • Many more changes and innovations.

The changes to certain mechanics, such as Divine Specializations, will be discussed in depth before Ascension’s official release


What should I do on my first login?

• Collect everything stored in the pending rewards interface (F9). You can see the list of removed resources and compensations here.
• Open the Character tab, click Symbols (I), look through the list and activate symbols you like by clicking Save.
• Your character will have some of their new equipment on already. The rest of the items you can find in your pending rewards list (F9). Take everything and equip the items you like.
• Open the Aelion map interface (K) and go to the Capital tab (Shift+K). Here you can obtain various enhancements for your character:
o Go to the Cathedral. Upgrading it costs Credits and allows you to receive Might.
o Go to the Trophy Hall. Here you can further enhance your character by spending Victor's Medals that you receive as compensation for various resources.
o Go to the Tower of Knowledge. Upgrading it costs Knowledge of Enemies and allows you to receive Might.
o Open the Altar and collect 10 offerings from your followers. Remember to return here daily!
o Go to the Flavius’s Laboratory and start quests that will allow you to receive new abilities from one of the invading armies tabs.
• Teleport to the capital to access the new Order interface. Open your Order (L) and send your Adepts on a journey!. Remember to talk to Herida in the Divine Observatory: she’ll grant you a free relic.
• Open the Provinces tab on the map of Aelion (K), and on it, find Bastions and Class Temples. There you can receive quests. You can only receive quests in one Class Temple and several Bastions at once.
• Go to the Aelion tab on the map of Aelion and activate a directive.
• Assign the consumables you might need to your quick access panel before your first battle.
• Splendid! Now your character is fully equipped and ready for battle, you only have to complete the quests you received in any order.

We have waited a long time for this day, but this is just the start of the road. Skyforge’s developers still have plenty of work ahead to improve the new systems. In addition, we have lots of plans for the future. The closest one is launching the complete Ascension update on October 19th, then efforts will go towards perfecting the new version of the game! This is due in part to both the demands of, and wonderful ideas & feedback provided by, the community!

The Ascension update will be live on October 19th!