Chronicles of Aelion: Genesis

Aelion is a large, climatically diverse and habitable planet. Life on Aelion was kindled billions of years ago in the warm depths of the oceans that span more than 50% of its surface. With the world still taking form, the evolution of these life forms made steady progress. Despite frequent global cataclysms that wiped entire species from the face of the planet, life endured, and these species were soon replaced by others.

200,000 years ago, from humble beginnings in the oceans to millions of years of evolution on land, mortal humanoids rose to stand on two legs. They were separated by great distances and enormous swathes of water and land, but still they developed and grew as a race.

These mortals settled the lands developing speech, tools, and fire. As they looked to the stars beyond their own world, mortals strived to comprehend the unknown; to discover the mysteries behind the laws of nature that governed their lives since the beginning. Around 10,000 years ago, the people of this planet started to band together in tribes and settlements, giving rise to the precursors of certain elements of their culture that survive to this day: rituals and cults.


Totemism, fetishism, animism, shamanism, and other forms of worship came into existence. Some people worshipped the elements, while others placed their faith in messianic figures who had periodically appeared in different places and times across Aelion’s history. Through the inspiring and noble acts of these individuals, a great love and devotion was ingrained in the hearts of those that followed them. As the faith and numbers of their followers grew so too did their powers, and in turn they directed those powers towards the benefit of the people.

As the population of Aelion grew large enough to encompass the globe, the first of these figures, later known as Immortals, began to reveal themselves. Though still exceptionally rare, Immortals would appear in greater numbers as Aelion’s population continued to increase.

Further research into the study of Immortals would later indicate that many never revealed themselves at all due to the innate nature of its discovery. One could live a full life without ever realizing the power latent within them, as the gift of immortality only reveals itself upon the unnatural death and subsequent resurrection of the individual. Some would even attribute their resurrection to a sort of divine intervention in response to their unwavering faith, rather than the realization of their own immortality.

Some tribes claimed to have an undying shaman that they considered a guardian, while some knew of a wandering hero who helped people in times of trouble. It wasn’t until later in Aelion’s history when the population of mortals and Immortals grew that these mysterious figures would step out of the shadows, for good or ill intent.

5,000 years ago, the tribes grew larger. The first small states appeared, and agriculture became widespread. All known life was confined to a single continent because of the great dangers inherent to ocean travel, including the irregularity of tides, and the enormity of waves. There were very few settlements near the ocean on account of rapid coastline erosion, thus the expansion of Aelion’s mortal populace became a slow venture.

Several large empires and a great number of smaller kingdoms were formed over time, with each territory enforcing their own laws, rules, and beliefs. Across 3,000 years, many smaller settlements grew in strength, conquered their neighbors, and fell once more. Some wars raged on for many years, finally leading some of the warring states to form alliances and coalitions in order to put an end to these conflicts and save lives.

In time, a new ability came to be discovered by the inhabitants of Aelion. The ability to wield magic. It wasn’t until later in Aelion’s history that the mysterious phenomenon of magic found its explanation through a substance known as Ether; and through its discovery the capabilities of magic could be developed even further.