New Equipment System

There are some big equipment system changes in store! Jewelry and Gems of Power will be transformed and become much more useful - they will have new properties! This means you can collect equipment sets and customize your gear for different roles and situations.

With the help of your gear you can put together builds, optimizing your character's passive abilities. And that's not all! You can change the properties if you like and increase multipliers!
Just imagine it: the same item can become better and more effective. Amazing!



In bastions, apart from symbols and might, there are lots of passive bonuses - health boost, reduced damage, increased companion damage and much more.
These bonuses will switch from bastions to equipment.

All the changes listed below only affect jewelry and Gems of Power accessories.

Jewelry and Gems of Power, as well as their stats (companion damage multiplier, base damage multiplier, health multiplier and so on), will get bonuses from bastions, as well as several brand new effects (for example Ritual Killing - Finishing Strike adds 50% more divine weapon charge).

But what about the bastions? They will continue to be one of the most important buildings - by developing them you can explore symbols and obtain masses of might. Their passive properties were not their strong point. By moving them to equipment, players can unlock new opportunities.

Equipment Properties

There are main and secondary equipment properties. Main properties have a significant effect and secondary properties provide pleasant bonuses, but do not have any major impact on battle. Secondary properties cannot be main properties and vice versa. The higher the quality of the equipment the more properties it will have.

Equipment Quality Number of Properties
Unusual 2 main properties
Rare 2 main and 1 additional property
Epic 2 main and 2 additional properties
Mythical 3 main and 2 additional properties

The new bonuses will enable players to compile sets of equipment for different classes and situations. You will find a full list of the available properties under the spoiler.



  • Critical Hit Chance - chance of critical hit increases by N%.
  • Companion’s Cooldown - there is some chance the companion attack will be instantly recharged.
  • Companion’s Damage - Companion's attack inflicts N% more damage.
  • Critical Damage Bonus - damage from critical hits on the enemy is increased by N%.
  • Base Damage - base damage is increased by N%.
  • Armor Fracture - attacks on the same target increase damage until it grows by N%.
  • Damage from Symbols - damage from symbols is increased by N%. Property action does not apply to divine weapons.
  • Damage to Elite - damage to elite monsters and bosses is increased by N%.
  • Damage to Minions - damage to regular monsters increased by N%.
  • Divine Weapon Charge - divine weapon charges N% faster.
  • Barrier - character receives a rechargeable shield
  • General Protection - all incoming damage is reduced by N%.
  • Protection against Minions - character receives N% less damage from ordinary monsters.
  • Protection against Elite - character receives N% less damage from elite monsters and bosses.
  • Healing Efficiency - healing orbs restore N% more health.
  • Stamina - stamina is increased by N%.


  • Damage at the start of the battle - damage is increased by N% in the first 8 seconds of the battle.
  • Serial Kill - when three enemies are killed, damage is temporarily increased by N%.
  • Ritual Killing - Finishing Strike generates a N% greater charge for your divine weapon.
  • Mobility when Wounded - damage may increase movement speed for N seconds.
  • Mobility after Dashing - dash increases movement speed for N seconds.
  • Crippling Attack - attacks can slow down your opponent for N seconds.
  • Defense after Healing - healing orbs increase protection for N seconds.
  • Mobility after Healing - healing orbs increase movement speed for N seconds.
  • Note that property indicators could differ for different items. For example, the companion attack bonus on one power stone is 8% and 10% on another.

“You can now find a Display all Stats button in the game settings. Click it if you value knowledge over convenience.”

Equipment Multipliers and Integrity

Keep in mind equipment stats are not limited to certain gear, you can get the max stats on a green or blue drop, they are not exclusive to Epic gear. Afterwards you can always choose the drops with the stats you like an upgrade them accordingly.

There can still be different indicators on epic quality equipment, but it has all become much more interesting! The Integrity parameter has been added and this is an item's own stat, indicating how far the equipment's multiplier is from the maximum.

0% 52% 100%
tt_1_1 tt_1_2 tt_1_3

Integrity - this is a convenient tool to measure equipment might. When integrity reaches 100%, you will know that the item's multiplier can not be any higher. In addition, you can increase item integrity!

Item Upgrades


There will be a new screen in the Bag section - Item Upgrades. Here you can replace equipment properties and increase item integrity, by boosting their stats. To improve the integrity of an epic item you need pure matter, which you can get by selling equipment you don't need. And then it's very easy: when you click Upgrade Item, you will boost the item's integrity (and stats) by 1-5%.

Here, by paying a sum of credits, you can replace item properties.

All at the same time or one thing at a time - it's up to you.
When you open the item replacement interface, you can mark what bonuses you want to leave unchanged and this will protect them from being replaced.

Unmarked properties can be replaced for others - you can agree or keep the previous properties, but if you change your mind about making the replacements, you will not get your credits back.


There is no limit to how many times you can re-roll your properties - but they will get a random value everytime: low, medium or high.

Mythical Equipment

Do you want even better equipment? You're going to get it! Boost the integrity of epic items to 100% and you can improve their quality, by receiving a mythical item with 0% integrity. As you can see in the table above, mythical equipment has one main property more than epic equipment. In addition, by upgrading the quality of the item, you boost its stats.

You can also increase the integrity of mythical equipment, but one pure matter will not be enough. You will need additional reagents. To gather them you should complete invasion adventures and hunt for bosses in captured regions.


Summing up: players will get the chance to gather items with the required properties and compile sets of items for different situations, increase equipment multipliers and upgrade equipment quality. Sounds good, doesn't it?