Return of the Serpent Queen: Now Live!

The Skyforge team is happy to announce that the latest update, Return of the Serpent Queen, is now live and active – bringing multiple tweaks and positive changes to Aelion – though take heed, for it has also attracted the attention of our aggressive alien enemies, leaving the planet in peril once more.

If you wish to prepare yourself for what awaits you, you can read up on the full patch notes at any time and check out all the Skyforge improvements at your disposal.

Are you ready to explore the unknown and face-off against the Gorgonides in a brand-new distortion? Will you utilize the new inspection system to snoop on your fellow comrade’s equipment? Will you uphold honour and participate in the latest Pantheon Wars Season (starting soon) and take your rightful place as the most dominant Pantheon of Aelion?

Time will tell. Until then, we hope you enjoy the latest update and wish you good fortune during your next adventure!

-The Skyforge Team