Skyforge Second Anniversary & Anniversary Packs!

Heroes of Skyforge – thanks to you and your comrades, Aelion has endured through countless ordeals and overcome unimaginable challenges over the course of time. Now that Skyforge itself has reached its second anniversary, it is time for you to take a rest from the horrors of war to remind yourself of what it is you are fighting for, and what better way to achieve this other than gregarious celebrations and in-game events!


With a Trivia of the Gods contest now underway (a simple way of flexing your Skyforge knowledge in return for participation prizes, as well as surprise rewards for the five fastest immortals to answer all questions correctly), let’s look at what else this anniversary celebration has in store for you:


Anniversary Login Event:
Don’t miss out on your chance to claim daily rewards simply for logging in during the anniversary celebration – especially the elusive Ardent Halo and Ardent Wings! There’s nothing nicer than starting your day with a special gift – and nothing puts the fear into an enemy’s heart quite like the sight of an Immortal god donning this prestigious Halo & Wings combination.


Anniversary Pack Sale:
What better way to celebrate another year of Skyforge than to shred a huge collection of great packs down in price? Like before, discounts are progressive – the more you claim, the less they cost – though unlike the previous anniversary, we’ve added an extra three to the pile: New Year’s Resolution Pack, Valentine Pack, and Spring Cleaning Pack. Missed out on them in the past? Then now is a good time to get your immortal hands on all the goodies with up to 15% off. Furthermore, we’ll be offering a new reward pack for those who claim all previous packs: the “Violet-Steel Jet Pack”! Take to the skies in this protective hi-tech battle-suit and blast those alien invaders in awe inspiring style.


Both the Login Event and the Pack Sale will begin on the 18th of July – with both ending on the 1st of August (8am PDT). A massive thank you to each and every player in our community for making such a memorable year of Skyforge! We hope you enjoy the celebrations and look forward to starting a brand-new year alongside you. Have fun in-game!

-The Skyforge Team