Demon Derby

Looks like there is no rest for the wicked, Immortals. Nihaz and his unholy legion of Demons have re-appeared from the Astral Dimension, determined to wreak havoc on the very fabric of reality itself! Left unchecked, the Demons are capable of damaging Aelion beyond what any other hostile invader is capable of; dissolving the planet’s entire existence into the Astral. It is essential that we deal with this threat as quickly as possible, so we will need every Immortal’s help in this race against the clock!

Based on close examination of the planets atmosphere, Flavius has observed 3 areas around the globe in which the veil of reality has grown abnormally thin. Throughout the course of the invasion, He predicts that these locations will be direct points of contact with the Astral Dimension leading to a massive influx of astral energy and the Demons that inhabit it. Fortunately, it can be concluded that each area will be struck at different points in time:

  • Week 1-3: Lanber Forest
  • Week 4-6: Veines
  • Week 7-8: Diaphran Archipelago

From September 20 to November 13, these locations will be of critical importance, and your intervention will not go unrewarded!


How to Participate:

Throughout the course of the event, any successful completion of attack, defense, or boss objectives within the invasion regions of Lanber Forest, Veines, and Diaphran Achipelago will add 1 point to a shared score across all servers and platforms. Based on the total score you reach by the end of the event the following rewards will be provided to each and every Immortal!


  • 3,000 points: 3 Day of Aeli’s Blessing
  • 5,500 points: 7 Days of Aeli’s Blessing
  • 7,000 points: 10 Days of Aeli’s Blessing


Based on the goal reached across all servers and platforms, Aeli’s blessing has a chance to be activated for a total of 10 days. This means a 50% increase to the amount of Credit and Knowledge of Enemies earned from adventures for 10 whole days!

Time to pay the Devil his due Immortals. Send the Demons back from whence they came!