[SWITCH] Gorgonides Season Now Live

The Gorgonides are persistent in their efforts to conquer Aelion. The first enemy troops have landed on our planet — the Milene Caves are under attack. The mortals need your help. Fight off the enemies, rescue people, and earn amazing rewards that include a new divine appearance!


Invasion card
Normal Catch-up
Equipment generation: 9
Maximum number of followers in the Cathedral 244,500 235,100
Maximum number of followers in the Cathedral (Soft Cap) 235,100
Maximum rank of the Tower of Knowledge 120 107
Maximum rank of the Tower of Knowledge (Soft Cap) 118
Terra/Thea rank 140-142
Avatar 155

Earn new equipment of the 9th generation in the Leunar Swamps, Mare Sacro Monastery, Targo Islands, and Operation Isabella adventures at the current difficulty level.

Eliminate the generals of the invasion army in distortions. The first distortion, Viper Lair, is already available. Can the immortals defeat these formidable foes?

Keep training, upgrading your equipment, and increasing your Might. Prepare for battle against Bedazzling Akonita's avatar. She will arrive during the third week of the invasion.


New seasonal challenges are now available. They are ranked by difficulty and become accessible as the invasion progresses — during the first, third, and fifth week. This time, once you have enough points, you can get a new Shadow Divine Appearance! Enemies tremble at the mere mention of it. And those who saw this form in all its splendor won't be able to tell anyone about it. It offers a perfect balance of agility, stealth, and lethal power.

Keep in mind that in the first days of each stage, some challenges will grant an increased number of points. We recommend that you start with those, because the bonus is temporary, and completing these challenges will get you to the final reward sooner.


Players have access to ten basic rewards. Purchasing a seasonal subscription will unlock another ten.

Treat yourself to incredible rewards. You can purchase the seasonal subscription in the game. In the first week of the invasion, you can get the seasonal subscription at 20% off!

Earn the maximum number of points and receive a special portrait frame, the Viper Hunter title, Triumph of the Viper Hunter Halo, Star of Rebirth, and 3,000,000 credits!


All immortals have access to the new Invasion Atlas. Choose your own path: improve your favorite class or try to reach the maximum level of Superiority. Fulfill directives and complete operations to earn a special currency: Gorgonide Eidoi. Use it to unlock atlas nodes. This time you can receive bonuses for the Grovewalker, Firestarter, Cryomancer, Alchemist, Warlock, Paladin, Soundweaver, Berserker, Slayer, and Archer.

Once you have unlocked the nodes you need and improved your favorite classes, go on adventures and try to complete them on Nightmare difficulty. Can you handle the new malediction that appears after level 8? The Gorgonides' defense drones can greatly impede your progress in adventures.

Challenges await the immortals. Prove you are worthy of the reward!