New Horizons: Patch Notes

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Important - Strongholds - Scaling system - New mechanics: class symbols
Classes - Divine Specializations - General - Battle Royale - New Achievements



  • Added a new planet, Terra. New adventures await immortals in the Mechanoids’ homeland.
  • Added a new game mechanics - “programs”. It allows immortals to manage the development of the new planet. More about the programs.
  • Added a new enemy, the Draconids. You will study the race and learn their plans. More about the Draconids.
  • Added a new Directives interface that replaced the old directives of the Council of Gods. They include all current activities that let you get the maximum reward for the day. More about the new interface.
  • Changed the systems of Bastions, divine specializations and scaling, which should help beginners make progress faster.


  • Bastions no longer increase the player’s Might. A new structure in the capital - the Stronghold - consolidates Might provided by all Bastions. You can learn more about changes to the system in a separate article.
  • Decreased the number of quests required to unlock new symbols.
  • When building a new Bastion, players will now see a tooltip informing them that they need to get new quests.
  • Updated the order of symbols from the fourth and fifth Bastions in the Symbols interface. It now reflects the order in which they are unlocked.
  • Changed the spots where characters appear in the capital, Ontes Valley, and invaded regions. Characters will no longer spawn in the same spot.

Scaling system

Updated the scaling system. If a character needs to have their rank increased in order to enter an adventure, they will also gain additional bonuses from Flavius’s laboratory and the Temple of Deeds. If their rank needs to be lowered, some bonuses will be disabled. In the updated scaling system, only the nodes that directly boost damage, health, or survivability will be available. Scaling does not affect the cost of divine form, cooldown of abilities, and other similar bonuses.

Bonuses from Flavius’s laboratory that increase various stats are not applied. Characters’ and monsters’ stats are increased by the scaling system.

You can learn more about changes to the system in a separate article.

New mechanics: class symbols

Complete storyline quests on Terra to unlock three unique symbols for each class. They will let you unlock new abilities or passive bonuses. You can use them both in PvE and PvP adventures, but only one at a time. As an example, the Necromancer’s class symbols are listed below.

  • Will of the Dead — raises a fallen ally as a skeleton for a time. The skeleton is immune to control effects and deals increased damage with class abilities.
  • Dark Magic — Plague Storm and summoned allies deal increased damage to enemies on the Cursed Land.
  • Ancient Burial — the recovery rate of the Necromancer’s ultimate ability is increased with every percent of health lost and each time Skull Throw is used.

You can learn more about class symbols in the Symbols menu after completing the quest chain on the new planet.



  • The remaining time of Electric Barrier is displayed in the list of effects.
  • The cooldown of Siege Stance is reduced by 7.5 seconds for each unused Burning Shot.


  • The remaining time of Holy Ground is displayed in the list of effects.


  • Changed the Protector of Nature talent. The Grovewalker’s attacks generate 400% more threat, and the first attack on a monster in a fight grants the Rapid Growth effect to the Grovewalker which provides passive energy regeneration until they use their phytoform.
  • Deadly Thorns deal twice as much damage and consume twice as much energy per second, and its duration is reduced 2 times. Added a cooldown — 6 seconds. Deadly Thorns force monsters to attack the Grovewalker for the duration and for 4 more seconds after it ends. While the ability is active, the Grovewalker’s movement speed is reduced by 30%.


  • The maximum number of the Intense Cooling effects on the target is increased to 6. The slowing effect for each Intense Cooling is reduced by 10%. Intense Cooling effects now disappear over 5 seconds instead of 12.
  • 6 Intense Cooling effects turn into the Icebound effect for all Cryomancer abilities and not just for the icy trail.


  • The cooldown of Ghostly Flow has been reduced to 6 minutes.
  • The slowing effect from Ghostly Flow is now displayed correctly, and the effect gradually grows weaker until it ends — from 90% to 0%.


  • Changed the logic of the Creeping Horror effect. The chance of getting it now depends on the number of detonated Acidic Solution effects (+6% for each effect) and Combustible Solution effects (+3% for each effect on every target affected by the explosion).
  • Reduced the cost of Predatory Ectoplasm from 650 to 625
  • Combustible Solution now restores 250 points of Catalyst instead of 220. Damage from the explosion has been increased by 25%. The maximum number of effects has been reduced to 4.
  • Acidic Solution now restores 125 points of Catalyst instead of 100.
  • Addressed a few issues related to the Alchemist’s manipulators.

Divine Specializations

  • Addressed an issue where you could get two bonuses from God’s Army.
  • Addressed an issue where you could get the bonus from God’s Army while having immunity to God’s Army.
  • Addressed an issue where the Implacable Wrath bonus did not work. Divine Healing and Willpower now correctly reset the cooldown.
  • Addressed an issue where Scorching Light and Warming Light prolonged the effect of the divine form, even if the character was in a group.


  • Thea, Antean Wasteland, and invaded regions will now have the current seasonal rank. It will increase with every invasion season. The same rules will apply to the new planet Terra.
  • Exiting combat will speed up the recharge rate of class change.
  • Changed the logic of how equipment containers are given during a search for treasures:
    o Immortals that have not yet unlocked their divine form will receive containers with equipment appropriate to their Prestige rank.

Inghar Test Area

  • Addressed an issue where the Triffids summoned by Thousand-Leaved Manikum kept dealing damage even after dying.

Metarchus’s Staff

  • Addressed an issue where the Last Barrier effect could last longer than 6 seconds.

Battle Royale

Please note that those fixes are ONLY applied to the lobby!

  • Reduced the number of ammo spawn locations.
  • Reduced the amount of picked-up ammo 3 times.
  • Reduced the number of weapon spawn locations.
  • Reduced the time between weapon spawns.

New Achievements

  • Character: Some achievements related to class symbols have been added. One of them rewards you with a new portrait frame.
  • Character: Added achievements for directives.
  • Adventures: Added an achievement for a journey to Terra.
  • Research: Added achievements for studying the situation on Terra.