Battle of Equals: Antean Wasteland

As Skyforge progresses, the developers constantly seek to try new approaches to diversify your gameplay experience. With the release of Battle of Equals, an unusual area will soon become available — the Antean Wasteland.
This zone will be considerably different from the PvE locations Immortals have become accustomed to.

Skyforge Antean Wasteland 1

In contrast to the Regions you have seen before, the Antean Wasteland has not been gripped by the fire of war, invading ships do not drop from the sky, and even the great gods do not pay any significant attention to these parts. Nevertheless, this area is one of the most dangerous places in Aelion: its ruthless weather conditions and deadly inhabitants drove away all civilians long ago.

Despite the fact that the Antean Wasteland is a significantly large location, it will take only 30 minutes to complete. This is because every time you visit the Wasteland, you receive a random set of missions. Completing separate missions will earn you Sparks of Evolution, while finishing a set of missions will earn you a large amount of Ether Cores. Thus, completing this location could be a worthy alternative to Squad and Group adventures. Players will also receive a special mission for the Antean Wasteland once a week, which will be the equivalent to completing a mission in the Hostile Territories and will earn you just as many Sparks of Revelation!

The Antean Wasteland can be visited by almost any player, as it only requires 21,000 Prestige! Moreover, the difficulty level and rewards will always be appropriate for your character.

Skyforge Antean Wasteland 2

The human population is nearly nonexistent, consisting of only a handful of Templars and a few camps of the renowned Wardens of the Wasteland. Inexperienced travelers can only expect to meet their death here: giant worms that are capable of easily snapping a person in half lurk underneath the sands. Poisonous scorpions and mighty lizards prowl in search of prey, and the damaged Mechanoids that remain after the crash of their flagship wander aimlessly around the desert. Among the endless dunes, there is a scattering of ruins which have recently become the haunt of Demons. Wardens are used to fighting worms and Mechanoids, but they are far from ready to face the Demons. Additionally, they say the ruins are full of ancient crystallite, so if you are not afraid of imps and faulty Mechanoids, venture within!

Completing the area is complicated by a unique weather anomaly - sandstorms. When a sandstorm starts, visibility is minimal, lightning strikes from the sky, and crazed giant worms crawl out of the sand. To kill a worm during a storm is an honor for a hunter as well as bringing its own benefits.

Antean Wasteland

In addition, so-called public missions will appear in open locations for the first time. These missions are not tied to a specific character and mission progress is shared by all participants. One such challenge awaits the most fearless of heroes – Eternis, Lord of the Sands! This huge monster is the size of a nine-story building and currently resides within his lair in the northern side of the region. Wait for this giant worm to crawl out of his refuge and challenge him! To survive, Immortals will have to keep moving and avoid the monster's poisonous spit. The key to success will be the Warden spears which can remove the monster's invulnerability for a brief time.

Will you dare venture into the Antean Wasteland and figure out the true motives of the Demons, or will you fight the terrible inhabitants of the sands? We wish you luck - you will certainly need it.