Rock and Metal: Electrifying New Expansion Available Now!

The Draconids have mobilized their forces in the Toxic Wasteland of Terra. As their lasers bore into the planet’s crust, a metal malevolence skulks in the shadows. Amp up and rage against the Draconid machine in Rock and Metal, a brand-new Skyforge expansion!


The Draconids of Terra are formidable opponents. The Immortals deciphered their language, studied their culture, and foiled their attempts to conquer the Heart of the City in a previous adventure. However, the Draconids have now set their sights on a dark excavation beneath the Toxic Wasteland, and what they unearth beneath their impenetrable energy dome may tip the scales of power on Terra.

In this new adventure, you’re tasked with navigating these industrial badlands safely, exploring the area, defeating Draconid patrols, and finding a way into that dome. Amidst the scorched earth, toxic swamps, deadly fumes, and Phytonide hordes, you’ll encounter plenty of hazards and resistance efforts, but intelligence can be gleaned from certain safe zones. Fighting your way to the dig site will be tough, but it shouldn’t be much of a problem for Aelion’s finest!

Beneath the dome, a terrible enemy lies in wait. The Draconid base’s commander, Kerax, is a hulking, monstrous cyborg who has melded his scaly flesh with deadly machinery. This is a heavy metal threat of the highest order – bring him down to stop the excavation, and save Terra from the Draconids’ plans! To find out more about the Toxic Wasteland adventure, check out our dedicated article.



You’re gonna need something hard and heavy to put a dent in the Draconids’ dome. Unleash the power of the Black Metal Collection, an amped-up arsenal of weapons for the Firestarter, Soundweaver, and Grovewalker classes! Inspired by the dark edges of rock, punk, and metal culture, these weapons are raucous, resilient, and ready to rock enemies to their core.

Arm yourself with three new bundles from the store:

  • Flower of Evil Pack: Experience the nirvana of a world in bloom. Contains an exclusive thyrsus, a Grovewalker class unlock, 7 days of Premium time, and 1,000 Ether Catalysts!
  • Rhapsody of Pain: Amp up for maximum damage. Contains an electrifying, exclusive guitar, a Soundweaver class unlock, 7 days of Premium time, and 1,000 Ether Catalysts!
  • Playing with Fire Pack: Give ‘em a show to remember. Contains exclusive flaming torches, a Firestarter class unlock, 7 days of Premium time, and 1,000 Ether Catalysts!

The Firestarter can rock a pair of new torches, collectively referred to as Abyss, Crucible of Chaos. Using the torches’ Pentagram ability, you can score higher critical rates on Flaming Spheres fired through rings generated by the Path of Flame ability.

The Grovewalker wields a spiky new thyrsus called Sigil, Master of Suffering. Use its new Gothic Thorns ability to amplify the Shield of Thorns’ effectiveness, helping it to deflect 60% of damage received. Gothic Thorns will also help the Living Missile ability do four times the damage, and you can also enjoy reduced cooldown on your Shield of Thorns when the Swing and Living Missile abilities hit their mark.

Finally, the Soundweaver gets a brand-new axe to shred: Khella, Kiss of Death. While the Fiery Solo is cooling down, the Soundweaver will gain the new Overcharge ability. This makes the current rhythm play twice as fast, causing all amplifiers to explode for a grand finale (just like Back to the Future)!



Unleash a new Elder God form. The Aspect of Vengeance is a powerful ranged form that can be accessed by any class, while being the default Aspect for Archers, Outlaws, and Gunners. This gigantic blue marksman wields mastery over bows and plasma cannons, and can summon divine lightning, volleys, and punishing weapons from the sky. Utilise the Aspect of Vengeance’s supreme deadeye abilities, and let none escape your sights alive!

  • Astral Cannon (Weapon Switch): The Aspect of Vengeance’s bow is transformed into a cannon that rapidly fires energy charges. This ability alternates your standard attack between Piercing Flare and Melting Shot.
  • Piercing Flare (Left-Click): Unleash your vengeance, and launch a ranged assault on enemies directly and within the area of effect! Targets affected by Storm Charge will take extra damage, while a damage wave with a 5 yard radius will also be created around them. Attacked targets will also take further damage if they’re within 5 yards of a Thunder Barrier. After the effect is over, you will receive 2 charges for the Astral Cannon ability.
  • Melting Shot (Left-Click): Fire a powerful plasma projectile to dish out area of effect damage to groups of enemies. Combine the Melting Shot with Thunder Barrier to increase damage and the area of effect!
  • Storm Charge (Right-Click): Deals electrifying damage to the area around a selected target, and to all enemies close to a Thunder Barrier. Targets will receive damage for 5 seconds.
  • Thunder Barrier: Loose six arrows into the sky, which form a line when they fall. For 15 seconds, any enemies that cross the line will be damaged and paralysed for 2 seconds. Even strong enemies can be caught in the barrier!
  • God’s Fury (Ultimate Ability): A weapon of terrible judgement appears in the sky and fires 4 shots at enemies with a 30 yard radius, singling out targets with the most health. The weapon will then fall in the densest area of enemies, dishing out huge damage!

If you haven’t unlocked any powerful Elder God forms yet, it’s easier than ever before. After you’ve worked your way through the Temple of Deeds and completed all the Halls, you will gain access to the Hall of the Elder Gods. Here, you can unlock Aspects. You’ll need Avatar Trophies, which you can get by playing through an Invasion, defeating the new Training Avatars and the main Avatar of the Invasion, and claiming their Trophies. Rack up Avatar Trophies from Invasion events to unlock the Aspect of Vengeance, Aspect of Magic, Aspect of Tenacity, Aspect of Rage, and Aspect of Mercy.

The Oceanid Invasion will be active in Skyforge until January 2020, giving you enough time over the holidays to send the monstrous Oceanid Avatar, Tol Monter, and his Training Avatars back to the briny ocean depths, and claim their Avatar Trophies! For more details about the Aspect of Vengeance, have a look at the dedicated article.


Skyforge: Rock and Metal is available now as a free update for PC. The update will be released for PlayStation 4 on December 17th, and for Xbox One on December 18th. If you want to see all the new changes in the Rock and Metal expansion, check out our dedicated patch notes.

For those about to rock, Aelion salutes you!