That’s it! Our final week of the Skyforge Aelion’s Treasure mini-game has just concluded! Over the course of this four-week mini-game, thousands of you have logged in to participate, with many not missing a single day of the competition!
The first phase of our Skyforge “Name that Critter” Community Contest has come to an end! Now it’s the community's turn to choose which entry will go on to be the critter's official name!
Miss last week’s Skyforge announcements? No problem! Here’s a quick recap of everything we’ve recently revealed, including a brand new developer playthrough, two beta key opportunities and more!
Immortals! It is time to descend from your heavenly pedestals and show your enthusiastic support for Skyforge by voting for the MMO in not one, but two award polls!
Join Development Director Eric Demilt and Class Designer Aidan Karabaich on a video tour through one of Skyforge’s solo instances, the Lanber Catacombs.
To celebrate the upcoming holidays, the Skyforge team is giving out 500 beta keys to lucky participants through our special Facebook page!
Here at Skyforge HQ, we’re always looking for new ways to involve you, the community. Today, we’re presenting a brand new contest to name one of our more…cuddly creatures found across Aelion.
Here's your chance to catch up on all the latest Skyforge reveals from last week, including our 3D panorama reveal of the open world zone Naori Island and the latest art from the Skyforge team and members of the community!
Today we invite you to take a tour of another one of Skyforge's open areas, Naori Island! Once a peaceful tropical resort, the island is now under attack and in desperate need of assistance.
Last week we unveiled the history behind the iconic Skyforge symbol, which ties Aelion’s past with Skyforge’s present day. Here’s a quick recap of all the latest news plus this week’s community fan-art!


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