The Aelinet Report: Skyforge Bulletin #4

Hear ye, hear ye! Time for our fourth Skyforge Bulletin – keeping you up-to-date with current affairs by breaking down all of the latest Skyforge shenanigans for your reading pleasure – enjoy!

The Community Report

The Skyforge & Revelation Online team has successfully returned from their invasion of the Role Play Convention in Germany. Thanks to your stalwart defence of Aelion giving its inhabitants much needed breathing space, Ianna herself had the opportunity to join us in our mission to bring Skyforge into reality. There are rumours that it’s not the real Ianna – that it was actually renowned cosplayer “Erza” who, along with fellow cosplayer “Kakao” (representing Revelation Online), were delighting onlookers with their amazingly creative costumes – but we don’t believe that for a second.


It was a pleasure meeting and chatting with fans and gamers during our visit. If you weren’t one of them, be sure to check out all the fun and shenanigans by visiting our photo gallery of the event! Thanks to inspiration from Kakao and Erza, we’ve also put into motion a My.Com Cosplay site to promote similar cosplays, leading up to a huge cosplay competition that will culminate into a finale at Gamescom itself – get involved!

The Political Report

Latest News & Updates:

  • Sale: Space Packs – a chance to get your hands on your very own jet wings and spacesuit, as well as valuable resources and currencies that can be used to stock up on everything you need for your upcoming adventures across Thea and beyond.
  • Contest: Fan Art – everyone from the PC and PS4 versions of Skyforge is encouraged to showcase their artistic flare for a chance at winning some fabulous prizes!
  • Monthly Challenge – now the Skyforge team will become quest givers every month, giving all PC & PS4 players the chance to win even more goodies by completing custom challenges.

A salute once more for all of Aelion’s valiant defenders – we wish you good fortune in your upcoming adventures. Don’t forget to stay tuned for more bulletin updates down the road and have fun in-game!

-The Skyforge Team