Play Hunters of Terra on Nintendo Switch Today!

Let the hunt begin! Hunters of Terra is now available as a free update on Nintendo Switch! This brand-new free update introduces Skyforge’s nineteenth class—the Bounty Hunter—and a host of new PvE content!


The Bounty Hunter makes an explosive entrance as Skyforge's nineteenth class! A formidable Area of Effect (AoE) damage dealer, the Bounty Hunter wields a handheld mortar and is armed to the teeth with explosive weapons. Deadly at range and in close combat, they can always rely on their anti-grav and shield gadgets to get them out of a tight spot.


If you want to be one of the very first Bounty Hunters to make your mark on Aelion, the Bounty Hunter Collector’s Edition—containing the new class plus an exclusive Legendary Weapon, costume variant, and Premium time and currency—is now available from Nintendo eShop. The class will be available to unlock in-game using Sparks of Transformation for all players in two weeks.


You can take your new class for a spin in a brand-new open region: Terra, a planet hiding arcane secrets and dangerous foes beneath its barren crust.


Team up with friends to traverse new Dungeons and Adventures that will take you from Terra’s surface to its darkest depths:

  • Heart of the City (5-player Dungeon): The Draconids, a lizard-like race native to Terra, are plotting something devastating. Featuring branching paths and randomly generated events, will your daring adventure to stop them lead you to an explosive confrontation with these cold-blooded villains, a race against time to stop a deadly biological threat, or an expedition to a crashed ship from Aelion?
  • Toxic Wasteland (3-player Squad Adventure): The Draconids have begun a sinister excavation, and what they unearth beneath their impenetrable energy dome may tip the scales of power on Terra. Navigate these industrial badlands, explore the area, and find a way into that dome to battle a heavy metal threat of the highest order: Kerax, a hulking, monstrous cyborg who has melded his own flesh with deadly machinery.
  • Terran Rift (3-player Squad Adventure): Embark on a rescue mission to find missing scouts! Help them deploy their beacon to gather their much-needed data… the future may depend on it!
  • Ancient Trails (5-player Dungeon): Explore the subterranean labyrinth beneath Terra. Who knows what you will find in the darkness?



We previously announced that the Halls of the Elder Gods, a place of divine power, would be available with the launch of Hunters of Terra. Unfortunately, it will take a little longer for us to open their hallowed gates, but we wanted to share some of the content you can look forward to when we finally launch this feature in December 2021.

Here, you can use a new resource called Cognition to unlock Elder God Aspects. Elder God Aspects represent Immortals at the height of their power, and these new forms will allow you to ascend to your full godly potential. Five new Elder God Aspects will be unlockable at the Halls of the Elder Gods, including:

  • Aspect of Tenacity: This Aspect’s mission is to protect and defend the weak. It can draw enemies’ attention, withstanding attacks by investing in boosted health and defense. Once this Aspect is fully researched, you will be able to use Legendary equipment more efficiently.
  • Aspect of Rage: Standing for hatred of evil and a god’s will to eradicate it, this Aspect is primarily focused on rage-fueled attacks, with its passive abilities increasing damage and enhancing attacks.
  • Aspect of Mercy: With abilities focused on supporting allies in the direst battles, you can inspire allies to perform powerful attacks, significantly boost the effectiveness of their shields, or fight alone. When you unlock the Aspect of Mercy, you learn the ancient art of reading Edicts, which bring will into physical form.
  • Aspect of Vengeance: Strike hard, show no mercy. The Aspect of Vengeance is armed with a bow that transforms into a cannon and can summon lightning to strike enemies. If enemies get too close, you can create a barrier of arrows and then use it to boost your abilities.
  • Aspect of Magic: This magnificent visage commands respect and instills fear of imminent retribution in enemies of Aelion. Five ether spheres float around the Aspect, which they can use to activate their abilities. Use it to fighting enemies from afar, employing crowd control abilities and skills to deal damage to multiple targets.


Get ready to awaken these new forms and wield their almighty abilities as you delve deeper into Terra!

Play Hunters of Terra today by downloading the game for free on Nintendo Switch via Nintendo eShop! You can also stay up to date with all things Skyforge by following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Discord.