Relentless Onslaught, Summer’s Breeze Event, & Strategic Item Sale!

Relentless Onslaught

We’re happy to announce that Relentless Onslaught is now live and available for download! All players may begin updating their client to experience the new content and changes Skyforge has to offer, such as:

Haven’t seen the full details yet? No problem! Discover everything that Relentless Onslaught has to offer via our Relentless Onslaught Patch Notes.
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Warm Summer’s Breeze Event

Aelion is celebrating its summer holidays! Gods and mortals alike are getting together in the capital’s park to meet friends, roller-skate, and take photos that will certainly last a life time.

Join in on the fun - Login to Skyforge every day from August 18th until September 7th and you will receive wonderful gifts which include: Costumes, Emotes, Titles, and so much more!

Discover the full list of Login Rewards !

Skyforge Summer Login Event

Strategic Item Sale

From August 18th until August 24th, take advantage of up to 50% off certain strategic items found within the in-game Market!
Curious to find out which items will be on sale? Simply check out all the details below or within the Invasion tab of the Market.

Don’t miss your opportunity to reap the benefits of this wondrous sale!