The path before a young god is a dangerous one. After months working towards the divine form, you may feel like the danger is over. The truth is, the real threat is just beginning...
We gave the community their first look at the Gods last month at Gamescom so you've seen them in action but have you seen the original designs of the female god form in Skyforge?
Discover all the latest Skyforge news & announcements from the past seven days including some very cool pieces of concept art and fanart made by members of the Skyforge community!
Missed the latest announcements and reveals about Skyforge? Click here to find all the latest news and announcements from the past week including the first details about PvP in Skyforge!
Are you part of a big guild or gaming organization? Would your guild be interested in testing Skyforge? We're looking for large guilds to join the Closed Beta and give us their feedback!
You’ll be able to fight for yourself and for your team but we can say with complete confidence that you'll never be bored! We are extremely excited to finally reveal PvP in Skyforge!
The Skyforge "Create a Class" Community Contest has officially ended and it's time to announce the winners! Thanks to everyone who submitted entries to the contest!
We are continuing to introduce you to the classes in Skyforge, and today we will tell you about a fearless warrior and mighty defender of the oppressed - the Paladin!
We are very excited to announce the latest Skyforge Community Contest where players can enter for their chance to win access to the Closed Beta!
At Gamescom we revealed a new location, two news classes and Gods in Skyforge. Here are some of the press' reactions to the Skyforge demo at Gamescom!


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