Learn how you can stay in touch with your fellow Immortals and all things Skyforge, with the versatile Aelinet Portal!
We take you live to one of Skyforge's latest Open World zones, Eskenian Peninsula, to discover this magnificent reserve with a rich, yet dark past now threatened by newly released hordes of Demons.
The Skyforge Closed Beta Test 4 has officially commenced! Log in and join your fellow Immortals in experiencing the significant changes that have arrived!
Skyforge's upcoming Closed Beta 4 represents the first time players will have the opportunity to try out their Founder’s Pack rewards in-game! We’re showing off how this content looks inside Skyforge!
We are excited to announce the next Skyforge Closed Beta Test begins on June 23! Find out what updates you’ll find in the next phase of testing!
Recently, we proudly introduced you to Skyforge’s Pantheon Wars. This reveal brought forth questions from the community and we’ve prepared some additional facts to help shed some light on your questions.
Today, we’re excited to reveal the Kinetic class, masters of gravity! The Kinetic class utilizes the force of gravity to disrupt and cause complete chaos among unsuspecting enemy ranks.
Complete the survey for a chance to earn a Wrath of the Gods Founder’s Pack!
In our fifth Developer Diary, we're taking an in-depth look at Pantheon Wars – one of the greatest and the most exhilarating high-end competitive events for young gods!
We’re excited to present a small preview of Veines, a once peaceful remote town on Aelion now under attack by the Reapers of Death. We’ve prepared another spectacular 3D panorama of the area!


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