The Skyforge Closed Beta Test 2 has officially begun! Join your fellow immortals in-game as you continue your journey across Aelion once more!
Join the Skyforge team once again on Twitch as they shine some informative light on the “Lightbinder” and illuminate the treacherous path through Thetin Rift.
We are very excited to present another character class in Skyforge – The Lightbinder! Capable of destroying their enemies and aiding allies in the frenzy of battle!
The Skyforge team wanted to share just a handful of the amazing videos created by the community during the Closed Beta Test 1!
Our first Closed Beta Test has come to a close, but the team is happy to announce the second Closed Beta Test is set to arrive next week!
Join the Skyforge team on Twitch as they explore more group adventures in CBT1 and answer the community's questions!
In celebration of the Skyforge Closed Beta Test, we're giving the community a chance to gain instant access to the Skyforge CBT by taking a photo of the official logo in an interesting location found in real life!
To compensate for yesterday's Closed Beta launch outage, we're extending the CBT1 testing period until March 19th.
Immortals! The Skyforge Closed Beta Test 1 has officially begun! The Skyforge team thanks you for your overwhelming enthusiasm and support and hopes to see you in Skyforge!
The Skyforge dev diaries series continues in Volume III with the focus on Raids, and how Skyforge's unique features influence their ongoing design and development.


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