The Skyforge Closed Beta Test 3 is officially underway! Log in and join your fellow immortals on Aelion as you continue your journey to godhood!
Join the Skyforge team on Twitch as they kickoff Closed Beta 3 by venturing deep within the wondrous Milene Caves to investigate its strange anomalies!
It’s time to announce the rightful winners of the Skyforge CBT2 "Fury of the Immortals" Community PvP event with a prestigious "Champion of the Immortals" Portal Title on the line!
The Skyforge team is thrilled to announce Closed Beta 3 begins next week on April 22nd!
Join the Skyforge Community Team on another livestream adventure as they lead a group of valiant Immortals through the Phytonide infested 5-man dungeon, Daren Facility!
Find out what intense group challenges await players who've unlocked their Divine Form with Distortions!
The development team takes a moment to address some of the most pressing questions the community has posed regarding Skyforge's monetization plans.
The Skyforge Open Beta is coming this summer! To celebrate this amazing announcement, the team has released an epic cinematic trailer!
Skyforge's Creative Director, Alexander Mishulin, has prepared a letter to the future gods of Aelion to talk about the great High-End battles and rewards available to players who've reached the higher stages of progression.
Showcase your godlike prowess during our Fury of the Immortal Community PvP Event for a chance to earn a rare Forum Title!


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