We're challenging the community to create a Skyforge themed Valentine's Day Card for a chance to win access to the Skyforge Beta Tests!
And the winners of the Skyforge T-Shirt Design contest are...
Check out the latest Skyforge Dev Q/A, scenic wallpapers, concept art and more on this edition of the Week in Review!
Is your desktop background looking a little dated? We have a new set of scenic Skyforge wallpapers - Download them now!
Expand your knowledge of Skyforge with the latest round of developer answers to questions submitted by the community!
Take a quick look at some of the major Skyforge news from last week, including our explosive Gunner class reveal, T-Shirt contest, Dev Q/A and more!
We are very excited to present another character class in Skyforge – The Gunner! One of the most heavily armed classes in the game, the Gunner possesses a massive transforming cannon.
It's time to flex your creativity! Create an official Skyforge t-shirt design and enter it for a chance at seeing it become one of our official t-shirts! You have until February 2nd to submit your entries.
In recent weeks, thousands of you have shown your support on our Facebook page and enter for a chance to win one of 500 Skyforge beta keys. The day has finally come to claim those keys!
In modern MMOs combat makes up a substantial part of the experience. Go behind-the-scenes with some of the developers of Skyforge to learn how the team came to develop the MMO's dynamic combat.


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