Please be aware that the Skyforge North American servers will be taken offline to perform maintenance on May 8 at 12:00am PDT for a duration of 4 hours.
In our fourth Developer Diary, Alexander Pankov and Aidan Karabaich discuss enemy invasions, their significance, frequency, and their rewards!
The Skyforge team has collected a wealth of information from past CBTs and have taken a moment to share it with the community by creating a nice digestible infographic!
With only one week left of Skyforge’s Closed Beta Test 3, time is running out to enter the Skyforge CBT 3 Creativity Contest for your chance at scoring a divine prize!
In recent weeks, thousands of you have shown your support on our Facebook page and enter for a chance to win one of 1000 Skyforge beta keys. The day has finally come to claim those keys!
Join the Skyforge Community Team on another intense livestream adventure as they team up to drive back the Phytonide infestation in the 5-man adventure, Daren Facility!
The Skyforge team is prepared to randomly award beta keys to 1000 lucky community members! Find out how you can enter!
Learn what newfound powers and progression await you once you've unlocked your divine form in Skyforge!
The Skyforge Closed Beta Test 3 is officially underway! Log in and join your fellow immortals on Aelion as you continue your journey to godhood!
Join the Skyforge team on Twitch as they kickoff Closed Beta 3 by venturing deep within the wondrous Milene Caves to investigate its strange anomalies!


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